Best Search Engine Optimization Blogs

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Moz Blog

We can say that the first product of the Moz company was the blog. Founder of the company Rand Fishkin started a blog to write about his learning from investigating a lot of research papers about search engines and SEO guides.

Ahrefs Blog

The main focus of the blog is SEO as Ahrefs is a provider of one of the best SEO tools. Like many other popular SEO blogs, this blog covers other topics from online marketing.


Backlinko is one of the most influential blogs in the SEO industry. Backlinko is a solo blog. It was recently acquired by SEMRush - another big player in the SEO industry. It is not clear will blog have more authors or not. The blog has many valuable posts, guides, content hubs providing great information.

Neil Patel's Blog

Neil Patel's blog is one of the most popular blogs in the industry. The blog articles rank in the top positions for some of the most competitive keywords. That means that you don't need just read the articles from Neil Patel's blog but you also need to study how the articles are optimized that allow them consistently to rank in the first positions. According to Neil, his blog is a solo blog. Even though he runs a big agency he still continues to write the articles himself. The old articles are updated by his team.

Matt Diggity's Blog

You investigated or already knew all the blogs that we suggested so far. Sweet, that means that you don't know a lot of things about SEO now. Now you can bring your knowledge to the next level by reading Matt Diggity's blog. Note, that this blog is mostly for SEO professionals.


Yoast is one of the most popular tools in the SEO industry. It's a WordPress plugin and the API that is used in many other CMS solutions. Yoast is loved by many content writers. As they provide Content SEO optimization solutions for so many websites they have one of the best blogs when it comes to SEO content writing.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is one of the most popular sources for news about the search engine world changes. The website has a blog post on SEO and many other online marketing topics.